Experience Counts!

CathyJolly and her husband Scott live in South Kansas City with their son, Drake

As a three-term State Legislator from the 45th District in Kansas City and former Jackson County Assistant Prosecutor, Cathy Jolly has clearly demonstrated her ability to get things done.

Recognized by her peers in both political parties as an effective crime-fighter, Cathy has sponsored and passed legislation to protect the public, punish criminals and support victims of crime. As an Assistant Prosecutor, she personally participated in raids on drug houses, capturing criminals and prosecuting the guilty.

Cathy will be a strong advocate on the City Council for making all of our neighborhoods safer, cleaner and a better place to live. She will fight for “forgotten neighborhoods”, making them safer and bringing basic city services and improvements to the areas that need it most.

A fiscal conservative, Cathy has a proven track record of strict budgetary scrutiny; she will ask the hard questions and insist on greater efficiency in the city’s delivery systems. She will advocate “smarter” public investments and keep a watchful eye on existing public/private partnerships to ensure the public is protected.